Hi, we are Memtell!

We are an innovative tech startup and believe Memory Telling is the next evolution in digital communication and storytelling

"Memtell stands for Memory Telling and our mission is to enable every generation to digitise, privately share and archive memories for the future."

The story behind the photo

Our Challenges

Our world is more digitally connected than ever but still we can feel alone and disconnected. Isolation, loneliness, mental and emotional health are massive problems in our society because the world is moving so fast people can become lost and alone. Reminiscing about happy moments, reviewing and acknowledging the past is an effective way to slow down and give people more confidence and satisfaction about the life that they have.

we are Memtell

We believe

memories are the most precious gift you can give or share. This is because memory telling helps people build a narrative and reduce the distance in relationships. Memory Telling also reduces anxiety, builds confidence, and supports mental and emotional health.

We connect

people through memories as shared moments create a meaningful bond and understanding about each other. We motivate people to communicate and acknowledge one another through the idea of sharing these memories.

We innovate

and think outside the box to constantly challenge the way we plan, build and develop our products to embrace the idea of Memory Telling. We are striving to set ourselves apart from other companies by embracing creativity, art and culture into the core of our identity.

We are phygital

and passionate about connecting the digital with the analogue world. Phygital products like our Memtell Cards enable us to create time capsules and gifts for people to share those precious moments of life with a physical product linked to a unique digital memory.

We would like to hear from you

Jonothan Birkett
CEO & Founder