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Family Story Kit

by Memtell

Keep the family story alive with the ultimate gift for you and your family.


“I love the positive reactions I've had for the video I created together with my daughter for the family for Christmas.”

- Sylvia Nadi

“What a powerful experience, I found out some much about my mum I never knew before.”

- Kim Rose

“Sharing my family story helped me reconnect with my whole family, even my Grand children! I am very thankful.”

- Jeff Thomas

People love Memtell

“I love the positive reactions to the video I created with my daughter for the family for Christmas.”

- Sylvia Nadi


“What a powerful experience, I found out some much about my mum I never knew before.”

- Kim Rose


“Sharing my family story helped me reconnect with my whole family, even my Grand children! I am very thankful.”

- Jeff thomas

Our Guide. Your Family Documentary.


Story Kit

From Childhood, teenage years, love, adulthood to family & kids: Our inspirational question cards will give you the perfect tool & storyline to unlock stories of the most happy moments of the life of your loved one.  

Our Guide includes an interview checklist and explains how to use our mobile app and how to unlock the most precious stories from your grandparents, parents and other family members.

Scan your photos, record and organises your stories in a safe and secure way. With buying the Family Story Kit you will get 1 year free premium access to all Memtell App features to enjoy the full Memtell experience.

Order your personalised video by contacting the Memtell team when you are finished recording. We will transform your stories in to a high quality video ready to be shared with your whole family.


Valuable Conversations

Discover breathtaking stories about your loved one's life as you spend precious time together.


Memory telling is a form of reminiscence therapy which has been proven to reduce anxiety and help feel more complete and happy in oneself​​.


Strengthen your relationship and document your family’s narrative. Support each other reminiscing about happy times together.

A personal gift

Recording family stories is the most special gift you can give to your family, a gift that will last forever.


The Family Story Kit can be used to record your own life story or to interview a family member.

Step 1

Ask questions

Discover family treasures and have conversations about happy moments in life. 32 inspiring questions will help you to find photos and unlock stories you've never heard before.  

Step 2

Scan photos

Creating a family legacy could't be more easy. You found a photo of your grandparents wedding? Start the story by scanning the photo with the Memtell App.

Step 3

Record valuable stories

Almost Done! Press the red button and record the story with all the emotions the story reveals.

Step 4

Save the memory

Organise and Save treasured memories using the Memtell app. Each memory is safely stored.

Step 5

We compile your stories into a priceless movie

After you have recorded the most precious family stories with the Memtell App your job is done! You will submit your footage to our professional video editing team, who will transform your footage into a priceless memory biography your whole family will love. The perfect Christmas, birthday or anniversary present.  


Full Life Story

Up to 60 minutes of film material for you and your family

Handmade Video Production

Our professional video team will give your recordings the editing touch it deserves


You will chose a title, colours and music to give your documentary a personal touch

Digital File

You will get a digital file of your documentary and can save and share it in any way you want



What is the Family Story kit?

The Family Kit is a simple solution to reducing the amount of time it takes to document your important family history. Further to this the Family Story Kit enables you to capture the emotion and voice of your family telling the story of precious and historical photographs. The Family Kit is made up of a set of questions, a free Memtell app premium subscription and the time and skill of a professional video editor to produce your story into a highly memorable and meaningful family documentary to share with the whole family.


What does the story Kit cost?

The price is determined by the amount of photos you would like and how many people you would like to record. We have both single packages which start from 90€ and family packs which range between 120-520€. Please fill out our short survey and we will get in contact. 10% of each sale goes towards research and prevention of Alzheimers. For every sale we will also donate one Family Story Kit to a family in need. - Additionally there is 100% satisfaction guarantee (meaning if you are not happy with the end result you will get a complete refund)

How do I get the family story movie?

Through the Memtell mobile app you will be able to tag each video you want to include in the documentary. These tagged videos will be privately and securely shared with our video editing team that will take 7-14 days to turn your stories into an inspiring and meaningful documentary. You will then be given a download link to which you can access and download your video.

How do I interview and record a person?

Our application makes it easy to scan and upload photos, record video and record audio. Using your mobile you will be able to sit with your loved one and record with them either in person or online. The recording process is easy to manage and there is a full set of instructions which show you how to use and coach you through the whole interview process.

Can I use the Family Kit only with one person?

If you have multiple people you would like to interview, please contact us and we will be able to support you

With which mobile phone can I use the App?

Our mobile application supports IOS 9.3 and Android 8.0.

Where and how long will the recordings be stored in the App?

The video we create is yours to download and keep forever. We offer a subscription plan for continual use of storage in our mobile application.

In which languages can I record stories?

We work with German, English and French languages.

How long can I record one story for?

Our recording limit for one story is 10 minutes

How can I edit the recording?

Through the application you can make as many recordings as you like. In regards to editing, our team will trim and enhance the quality of the sound.  


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It all began when Jono visited his grandfather in the nursing home 9 years ago.... this is his story.

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